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Super Ball Saturday


Kids of all ages are invited to Downtown Novato to see what happens when 17,000 small bouncy balls are dropped onto the street from a ladder truck 40 feet in the air!


The event is FREE!


All kids will get a souvenir “hard hat” and can keep as many bouncy balls as their pockets & buckets can hold!

Imagine the fun of chasing after the balls as they bounce in every direction. Come see for yourself!


What if it’s raining? No worries!

Your umbrella will protect you from the

bouncy balls raining from above!

Who?             Kids of all ages!


What?            Super Ball Saturday


When?           Saturday, February 4 at High Noon

          Arrive at 11:45 so you have time to get a good spot!


Where?          Corner of Machin Ave + Sweeter Ave in        

                       Downtown Novato (Next to Trek Winery)


Details?         Participation in the ball drop is FREE.

                      Hard Hats & Bouncy Balls for everyone!


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