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Get To Know Downtown Novato.


10 things you should know about Downtown Novato:

1. We are Nature Buffs


Novato is home to a plethora of nature's gifts! Just minutes from our Downtown you can find:


- 3,600 acres of open space (a haven for hikers and mountain bikers);

- A network of 27 oak-studded parks;

- Stafford Lake where you can fish, hike, and camp;

- 1,558-foot-high Mount Burdell;

- Plus waterfalls, marshes, preserves and wildlife areas galore!

2. Smarty Pants.


Smart kids are roaming our streets! Novato has an excellent school system with all our schools boasting a GreatSchools score of 7 or higher, including 4 schools with a score of 9 or 10.

3. A Global Palate.


We love authentic cuisine from around the world. In Downtown Novato you can find Mexican, Indian, Italian, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and more!

4. We Know How To Wine.


As the gateway to wine country, we know, and love, wine. Downtown Novato is home to the area's most famous urban winery and the Novato Festival of Art, Wine and Music which brings tens of thousands of people to the Downtown every year in June for two days of festivities.

5. We are Well-Read.


Our quaint Downtown is home two bookstores, The Book Place and the soon-to-be-open Cooperfield's Books, we are determined to keep books and reading integrated into the community dialogue.

6. FREE Parking.


Yes. FREE parking Downtown.

7. We Make Health a Priority.


We were delighted to be voted as the #1 healthiest place to live by AARP in its Top 10 List of Small Cities which are "Staying Healthy". They are right about our commitment to health! Our Downtown is home to WholeFoods, Trader Joe's, yoga, fitness and dance studios, a world class gymnastics center, and a wide array of sports stores.   

8. Good for Business. And Life.


Novato ranked #16 in Fortune Small Business' 'List of 100 Best Places to Live and Launch". Fortune gave us bonus points for discouraging big box retailers and encouraging small, knowledge-based start-ups and other unique, independent businesses. Reviewers marveled that, despite all our assets, we are one of the most affordable towns in the Bay Area. We also made Liveability's list of "Top 100 Places to Live".

9. 262 Days of Sun.


We believe that weather is important. Mostly because it affects your mood. And your mood, well, it affects just about everything.

10. Characters Abound.


Ultimately, everything in life comes down to the people. This is the place where we feel the most pride. The fabric of Downtown Novato is made up of those unique personalities who live, work and shop within our boundaries. Blocks of 'Mom & Pop' shops line our streets and every business owner has a unique story to share. And, best of all, they actually take the time to share it.

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