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DNBA Board Elections & Holiday Party


All DNBA Members, please join us on Wednesday January 6, 2016 at 7PM at Trek Winery, 1026 Machin Avenue in Downtown Novato for a little business and a little fun.


Food and beverages provided by the DNBA.


We value your time and contribution, and as a volunteer run organization, we need it!


Board of Director Qualifications:

A Board of Director candidate must own a business or be a “designated agent” of a business owner with a letter on record with the Board for a business located in the Business Improvement District (BID) as defined in the DNBA ByLaws. A Board of Director candidate must be in “Good Standing” meaning they are current in the payment of their assessments and their membership has not been suspended or terminated to qualify for a Board of Director position.


Positions Available:

There are a maximum of fifteen Board of Director positions. Each Board of Director’s term is three years.  If a Director leaves the Board prior to his or her term expiring, the Board may appoint a Director to fill the position for the remainder of that term. Below is a listing of the current Board members and their terms:


Mark Dawson (two year term expires 12/31/15)

Rodger Goodwin (two year term expires 12/31/15)

Andy Podshadley (two year term expires 12/31/15)

Randy Stemmer (two year term expires 12/31/15)

Aaron Thompson (two year term expires 12/31/15)

Phil Schlenker (three year term expires 12/31/16)

Jodi Fischer (three year term expires 12/31/16)

Peter Serchia (three year term expires 12/31/17)

Anne Wade (three year term expires 12/31/17)

Chris Donohue (three year term expires 12/31/17)


There are five Board positions available.  The following people are running for positions:


Andy Podshadley (three year term expires 12/31/18)

Randy Stemmer (three year term expires 12/31/18)

Richard de Ramon (three year term expires 12/31/18)

Andrea Laureyns (three year term expires 12/31/18)


Board members may be appointed to any open positions after the election by a majority vote of the existing Board members.  



A DNBA member must be in “Good Standing” to vote for a Board candidate.  There are no proxy votes allowed.  A member must be present at the meeting when the election takes place to vote except under special circumstances for a designated agent.  Voting may be by voice or ballot.


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